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Warrior series race support transporter is designed for professional teams going to the extremes. Warrior in its fullest configuration will house a workshop, living area and will sleep 8-10 persons within a pop-up roof section. All of this in a home-like comfort. It is your team’s powerhouse when racing hundreds of kilometers away from any comfort zone. Warrior is built to withstand any conditions and reach any locations. Whether cold or hot, your team will find comfort with the Warrior while racing in the wilderness. Enquire now.  


Warrior is built on a rigid truck chassis with improved or superior off-road capabilities. It is equipped with a large workshop area comfortably arranged for storing tools, spare parts and large repair bench for your hard day at work. Both sides of the workshop body are equipped with full height hatches which create easy access to storage compartments from outside. When opened these hatches serve as walking platforms and protective covers. This design allows to maximise the use of interior space and simplifies access.


Warrior is spacious. Depending on your requirements Warrior can have up to three separate areas with individual access. The area in front is normally dedicated to team’s comfort, equipped with a kitchen, small lounge, shower and other comfort amenities. The area is conditioned and heated to rest easily. The top pop-up creates a sleeping area for a large team with private pods. The main back area is dedicated to the race assistance workshop.


Warrior’s versatility is second to none. While the main purpose is the race support function, it can also be used to transport your race cars to training sessions or races where less tools and spares are required. When workshop area is cleared from any tools and spares, one car or two buggies can be transported. Dhollandia column lift will manage up to 2.5 tons of load. Additionally, a large trailer can be towed with items you may require at your destination.


Warrior’s options list is endless including but not limited to onboard generator and compressor, storage and workshop furniture, race control and communication equipment, water and HVAC systems. Large underbody compartments can house powerful systems for long autonomy periods. We will work with you to define the options that best meet your requirements so it is truly your headquarters away from your home base and on the way to the victory.



  • Price on Application

    PRO Series Race Trailer

    PRO:H3:POP race trailer with dual expanding office in the gooseneck area and space for up to 4 cars, workshop and hospitality
  • POA

    Master Series Race Transporter

    Master series race transporter with double expanding office and garage for up to 2 race cars or workshop area
  • POA

    Legend Series Race Motorhome

    Individually designed Legend motorhome with garage for up to two cars and living for up to six.
  • POA

    Warrior Assistance Truck

    Off-road racing assistance truck with workshop and all amenities for the team’s living

  • POA

    Race office /3/

    Race lounge with strategy desk for standard space office with comfortable seating, mini-kitchen, wardrobe and storage

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