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Stella Works design and manufacture transport solutions for the motorsports industry

We are a team of automotive engineers and designers joined together to deliver sound and elegant superstructures for the racing community. Our signature Shapeline design combines years of coachbuilding experience and dynamic automotive design creating race transporters that have unique appeal and deliver flawlessly. Everytime and everywhere.

We are dedicated to continuous development of products, improvement of quality and function. The competitive environment of motorsports drives us forward to create and innovate. Our product portfolio contains off-the-shelf solutions for a wide range of transport applications. Working with our customers we develop new products and individual solutions for custom transport requirements.

/ Concept lines / Pro Series Race Trailer


  1. 20+ years of coachbuilding experience
  2. Lifetime solution support
  3. 24/7 direct customer support
  4. 3 year standard product warranty

/ Outside Broadcast Truck


Our experience comes primarily from designing and building outside broadcast trucks for the TV industry. These superstructures are one of the most complex truck based products. With multiple expanding sides, sophisticated furniture, climate control and electrical systems designing TV trucks requires world class engineering. Driven by our passion for motorsports we dedicated our experience and resources to designing race transporters. Among engineers we also employ an automotive designers to complement our team. We spent over two years getting together robust mechanics and attractive design into what we call today the Shapeline design.


Shapeline design by Stella Works is a combination of the long coachbuilding experience and progressive automotive design. Shapeline design is distinctive and esthetical. It does not compromise the quality. It is a result of a 2 year long intense team work involving mechanical engineers and automotive designers. The result is timeless in style and value. The Shapeline design will be noticed.

/ Shapeline design by Stella Works


  • Custom transporter and motorhome solutions
  • Single car trailers with individual needs
  • Van based motorsport transporters
  • Truck styling and tuning
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Maintenance

We continuously develop new transport products. We focus on developing standard transport platforms that can be individually customized for every team’s special needs. While truck based transport is at our core, we also design and build single car enclosed trailers and develop solutions for van based transporters and sport focused motorhomes. Besides developing standard platforms, our engineering and workmanship capacity allows us to undertake the most sophisticated and unique projects. Get in touch with us for a standard solution or with your unique requirements.

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