Legend series motorhomes are designed for private drivers and race teams that look to travel from race to race in an all-in-one setup. Legend motorhome will carry one or two cars with enough storage for an essential race kit and tool set. Equipped with all home-like amenities Legend provides hassle-free living next to the track for your family or team. All you are left to do is get there and enjoy the car, the track and the day.


Legend series motorhomes are built on 18 or 26 ton truck chassis with integration of truck body and cabin into a monospace living unit. Our signature Shapeline body design continues into the truck cabin and creates seamless exterior design. This allows up to 12 meters of the total truck length to be used for garage, workshop and living space. Garage space is at least 5 meters long and equipped with a double car deck and flexible workshop area. The large underbody storage provides space for essential tools, spares and auxiliary equipment for the living unit.


The living unit may be as long as 7 meters and have endless configurations. There are options to allow logistics and living for up to 8 persons with sleeping pods extending to the garage area, permanently or for night time only. This is an ideal set up for smaller teams or extended family race trips. The living space comfort can be further improved with multiple slide-outs and pop-ups. You can enjoy racing in comfort.


All living units are designed for individual needs and taste. Our design team will help you choose the best layout and design for your needs. We will engineer and implement living systems to ensure your comfort in any travel scenario. The system choices are vast and we will guide you through the decision process.



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    PRO Series Race Trailer

    PRO:H2:POP race trailer with double pop-out office and underbody compartments

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    Master Series Race Transporter

    Master series race transporter with double expanding office and garage for up to 2 race cars or workshop area
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    Legend Series Race Motorhome

    Individually designed Legend motorhome with garage for up to two cars and living for up to six.
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    Warrior Assistance Truck

    Off-road racing assistance truck with workshop and all amenities for the team’s living


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