Project Description


Race trailer


PRO:H2:POP race trailer with double pop-out office and space for up to 4 cars with internal 3.0 m height. It comes equipped with underbody compartments for storage and auxiliary equipment.

Price on Application


Double pop-out customizable office or living area

Two side windows

Office air conditioning

Interior doors

Lowered exterior doors

2.5 tons Dhollandia lift with controls 

2x 110Ah AGM batteries and battery charger

Height adjustable 2nd car deck

Garage space LED lighting

Various fixing arrangements

Lockable underbody storage/equipment compartments

PRO:OFFICE options

Additional side doors

Garage/workshop air conditioning

Roof windows

Exterior lighting

Awning fixing points

Standard interior fit-out options

Custom interior fit-outs

Custom options per your requirements

PRO Series options

PRO:H1 – standard trailer, 2.8 meters interior height

PRO:H2 – low bed trailer, 3.0 meters interior height

PRO:H3 – extra low bed trailer, 3.35 meters interior height

PRO:OFFICE – Office space above gooseneck

PRO:POP – Office space with two expanding sides

PRO:CUSTOM – full customization per your requirements

PRO:H2 race trailer specs

2x SAF axles

GWR 28 tons

8x 265/70 R19,5 wheels

Disc brakes

Wabco air brakes system

Air suspension

LxWxH (mm): 14,000 x 2,550 x 4,000

EU Certificate of Conformity

3 year warranty