Pro series race trailers are designed for circuit to circuit racing and are available in multiple configurations for different team settings. From standard race car carrier to custom headquarters on wheels for team living and guest hospitality. With its unique and aesthetical Shapeline design Pro series race trailers will be noticed and appreciated.

Pro series race trailers available in these standard chassis configurations:

PRO:H1 – 2.80 m interior height, flat bed chassis, large underbody storage
PRO:H2 – 3.00 m interior height, step frame chassis, underbody storage
PRO:H3 – 3.35 m interior height, step frame chassis, no underbody storage

Each chassis can be configured in these versions:
PRO:CARRIER – race car carrier only version, up to 5-6 cars
PRO:OFFICE – trailer with office room in the goose neck section


PRO race trailer

PRO:H2:OFFICE race trailer with 3 meter interior height and office fit-out
Starting at 150.000 EUR

PRO race trailer

PRO:H1:POP race trailer with 3.4 meter interior height and twin sliding office
Starting at 130.000 EUR

Warrior transporter

Warrior transporter with pop-top roof section for team living
Starting at 190.000 EUR

Racer motorhome

RACER:POP transporter and motorhome with extended living space
Starting at 250.000 EUR

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